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A FREE online advisory with the agrofood producer industry experts.

Limited to the first 100 agrofood producers

Agro-food is a competitive and sustainable industry. The abundance of crop diversity in Malaysia provides opportunity for the development of an improved nutrition and better health food products, which in turn provide more choices for the consumers especially towards the local products and subsequently increase agro-based entrepreneur’s level of income.

However, changes in the local economy have brought forth new issues and challenges towards this agricultural sector. These requires more innovative and efficient way in managing natural resources to enhance the economic contributions and growth of the agricultural sector.

Hence, in helping Agro-food producers to re-strategize their businesses in surviving post COVID-19, Agrofood Productivity Nexus (APN) of MPC is welcoming registrations for Agrofood Virtual Advisory Clinic (AVAC).



  1. To provide in-depth understanding to the agro-food producers on the aspects related to:
    • Supply Chain – Advisory on production; harvesting and transportation; primary processing and storage; distribution, packaging and handling; wholesale and retail market.
    • Financial Management Consultation – Advisory on managing cashflow, review available loans and funding opportunities.; and
    • Business and Operation Digitalisation – Advisory on adopting technology solution for business operations and evaluating business model to fit the current economic situation; restructuring operations by adopting technology in HR and finance solutions; quality control, software development life cycle and standard compliance.

2. To support agro-food producers in rebuilding their business due to the adverse impact of COVID-19.

3. To provides consultation clinics conducted by business leaders as the mentor and advisor.

4. To diagnose a company’s “sickness” and recommend implementable solutions in addressing the challenges and barriers for business growth and gain incremental results.

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Last Updated: 7 July 2020