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Expanding the boundaries of learning : Excellent leadership, technology and innovation at Open University Malaysia (2015)

Open University Malaysia’s (OUM) excellent business results for revenue and profit show a positive trend, increasing from 2011 to 2013. The growing number of students signifies customer acceptance and satisfaction. OUM strength lies in the dedicated 120 faculty members and near by 450 administrative and support staff. With an excellent leadership and work culture, OUM is one of the best places to work, which is reflected in the employee satisfaction and their loyalty to OUM.

Excellent leadership and strategy deployment at Robert Bosch (2015)

Robert Bosch Malaysia  demonstrates the accomplishment of outstanding strategic planning through a very structured policy deployment process, which sets the right focus and goals for the company. The deployment involves translating high-level objectives into smaller operational pieces depending on annual improvement priorities and target improvements. In essence, the best practices at Robert Bosch Malaysia  that make the planning work are the precise input for planning and the establishment of short and long-term plans and goals based on the benchmarked business and customer requirements.

Care for life : Excellent customer service culture at KPJ Ipoh Specialist Hospital (2015)

Identification of customers’ requirements using a well-defined approach is the best practice adopted by KPJ Ipoh. Suggestion boxes are placed in strategic areas of the hospital, an online customer feedback system is provided on the website, and face-to-face customer satisfaction surveys are conducted on a regular basis. KPJ Ipoh’s complaint mechanism has a two-tier structure consisting of in-patient and out-patient feedback. All the information on the customer complaint are well-managed for future business sustainability.

Sunway Construction : Building excellent through people, knowledge and technology (2015)

At Sunway Construction, critical information and knowledge relevant to the business performance key processes are captured, shared and applied companywide to sustain the organizational value and competitive advantage. Staff at all levels, ranging from top management, department heads, project managers relevant project and supporting staff, are enabled to identify and share critical information and knowledge affecting day–to-day decision making and improving performance.

Sunway Property: Creating communities and changing lives for a sustainable future (2015)

One of the key influential success factors at Sunway Property is its excellent practice of going an extra mile in nurturing the relationships with the customers. This excellent practice is consistent with the company’s approach to “build resilient businesses that lead in their respective markets through focus on our customers, innovation and operational excellent.” The second one is upon handing over the property. It evaluates the services rendered upon handover of vacant possession. Areas of evaluation include personnel, property cleanliness, quality, design and the overall handover experience. The third one is upon completion of rectification works on the purchaser’s unit. It captures the buyers’ evaluation on the rate of response time and professionalism of the Customer Care Officer.

Delivering exceptional product quality: Leadership, learning and operational excellence at Benithem Sdn. Bhd. (2015)

Changes in trends, customer expectations and technological advancements drive Benithem to be receptive to changes to stay relevant and significant. The inputs obtained from all sources of learning are deliberated and analysed at various levels during departmental meetings, monthly HOD meetings and twice yearly management reviews. Achievements and plans are reviewed either monthly or twice yearly. Meanwhile, a comprehensive risk management review is also conducted regularly. 

Transforming Talent and Technology: Excellence in leadership and people management at Prestariang Berhad (2015)

Prestariang has had tremendous success since its inception in 2003. The company was set up with a unique aim to train individuals with the right knowledge, skills and attitude for employment through ICT training and certification as well as software licence distribution and management. Today, it has emerged to become a niche Talent and Technology solutions player in Malaysia.

Seal it with quality, innovation and outstanding services: A journey of excellence at Mega Fortis (M) Sdn. Bhd. (2015)

Providing products with innovation in design, advanced security features and high quality is nearly impossible without a robust and efficient manufacturing process. Mega Fortris designs, manages and continuously improves key work processes. The work system encompasses processes from the design, engineering and manufacturing of the products to shipping and order processing; and from financial transactions and operations to sales and marketing consolidation.

Integration of excellent process and people for competitive advantage at PHN Industry Sdn. Bhd. (2015)

PHN has implemented the Integrated Management System (IMS) at all of its plants in order to guarantee the reliability of components produced with only the highest-quality raw materials and thus optimising  productivity of production lines.  All PHN Plants’ IMS are linked via the online e-IMS interfaced webpage hence online monitoring of IMS at all plants is possible.