The dissemination of best practices information and knowledge is made through the establishment of a comprehensive total benchmarking solution known as Benchmarking On-Line Networking Database (BOND) system.  BOND is a gateway that provides users with information on best practices and benchmark which are useful to enhance organisational performance using internet as the enabler.
As IT-based benchmarking communicator, BOND also serves as MPC benchmarking support systems which comprise of the benchmarking process, data collection and benchmark survey, best practices sharing and other benchmarking activities such as the Malaysia Benchmarking Index (MBI), Community of Innovation (CoI), and Productivity Work-Out Session (PWS).

The BOND system is very convenience in order to facilitate benchmarking activities across all sectors, locally and world-wide.  This can be done through its various applications such as e-Benchmark, Best Practices Resources (BPR), CoI Network, PRIME, and MBI.


The interactive e-Benchmark system aims to speed-up the data collection and computation of benchmarks.  It allows organisation to key-in data, compute indicators, rank performance and benchmark comparisons conveniently through the internet.  Confidentiality of industry’s data is secured using a password.  This real time system could encourage more organisations to measure performance and benchmark comparison in Malaysia and world-wide.  e-Benchmark that had contributed significantly to benchmarking and other productivity and quality enhancement won the 2004 United Nations’ Public Service Award for ‘Innovation in the Public Service’.


BPNet is a network of organisation within similar or dissimilar industries who share some common areas of interest.  The aim of setting up BPNet is to generate knowledge of best practices within the community and to help members achieve best practices performance standard.  Members of BPNet are also encouraged to focus on strategic innovation and leverage their core competencies in order to drive their business growth.  This is done through participating in BPNet Business Process Improvement.
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