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Success factors  of Lean Six Sigma implementation at Sime Darby

“LSS is a way to unite all  employees and channel them on the same path of improving productivity,  implementing cost saving & cost avoidance practices and embracing effective capital management  discipline.”  – Azman Shah Mohamed Noor, the Head of Sime Darby’s  Operational  Excellence Unit

MIFF Holding involvement in the Public-Private Research Network (PPRN) Project

“I chose to provide an  Islamic cleaning service which observes ‘Halal’ recognition rather than producing food products that come with many other competitors. Moreover, this cleaning service promises a huge demand within the ‘Halal’ industry.” – YBhg. Datuk Haji Ab Razak Ab Hadi, Managing Director of MIFF Holding Sdn. Bhd.

Embedding factory practices into farming

“The ultimate aim is to produce high-quality golden melons to meet the requirements of customers. Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement that can reduce wastes in the production for output optimisation.”  –  Khairul Azuan bin Abdul Razak, Managing Director of UYM Plant Factory Sdn. Bhd.

Cost Saving through Team Excellence Project (2017)  

The Annual Productivity & Innovation Convention (APIC) is a platform organised by MPC for the purpose of sharing best practices on Team Excellence (TE) projects. It showcases improvement projects which have proven in increasing performance of quality, output and productivity while minimising cost of operation.  In 2015, about 156 organisations presented 218 projects during the APIC programme which have successfully recorded a total cost saving of 193 million. The services sector has sustained in contributing the highest value in cost saving recording RM 77.38 million. The Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) is a tool in TE Projects and is widely used by renowned organisations in Malaysia such as Petronas, KPJ Healthcare, Tabung Haji, Sharp, Infineon and Amkor. Learn more on how these organisations implemented ICC projects for improvements through the Benchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND).

Pelaksanaan Projek TRIX untuk meningkatkan pengeluaran (2017)

Projek TRIZ Herbagus adalah projek inovasi hasil kerjasama antara MPC dan Unit Penyelarasan Pelaksanaan Jabatan Perdana Menteri (ICU JPM) Pulau Pinang. Projek ini telah disiapkan dalam tempoh masa 6 bulan. Rekaan inovasi ini telah berjaya menjadi Johan dalam Pertandingan TRIZ 2016 anjuran MPC Wilayah Utara. Hasil kejayaan kaedah inovasi Herbagus juga turut dikongsi bersama peserta anatarabangsa di dalam program “ MYTRIZ Workshop Conference & Competititon” pada 23-26 November 2016 di Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya.

Pelaksanaan Projek Pemodenan Lesen Perniagaan (MBL) : Majlis Daerah Pekan (MDP) (2017)

Pelaksanaan MBL telah memberikan implikasi positif kepada MDP dan  komuniti perniagaan khususnya. Umpamanya, bilangan aktiviti  perniagaan (lesen tidak berisiko) yang boleh mendapat kelulusan serta merta adalah sebanyak 102. Sebelum MBL, semua permohonan perlu menunggu kelulusan daripada JK Pelesenan yang bermesyuarat sekali dalam sebulan. Selepas pelaksanaan MBL, tempoh kelulusan lesen berisiko juga telah dikurangkan kepada 14 hingga 30 hari berbanding dengan 30 hari. Secara tidak langsung, kepuasan pelanggan telah meningkat daripada 95 peratus kepada 98 peratus hasil daripada pelaksanaan program MBL.

Welcoming Culture : Best practices in integrating foreign workers into a dynamic workforce (2017)

In a globalised environment, immigrant skilled labour is an important source of human capital  to complement and enhance economic growth. The right culture and conducive practices are crucial in further enhancing country’s competitiveness as a business location, as well as to attract qualified people from all over the world. Learn more on best practices in integrating foreign workers into a dynamic workforce from these five well-known companies.

ICC in reducing maintenance cost at Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. (2016)

In 2014, Alam Flora Sdn. Bhd. developed an inter adapter kit to resolve a problem in high maintenance cost for catch basin vehicle.  The solution has contributed tremendously in providing the best solid waste management services to  3.2 million customers, managing a total of 1.3 million tonnes of waste annually.

TRIZ invention solutions generate new ideas for defect rate minimisation (2016)

A six- month data which was collected from Jan-June 2014 revealed that the number of defects produced was 22,017 pieces per month. Therefore, a team of ardent individuals from Amkor Technology Malaysia gained force to resolve the issues regarding the machines through TRIZ invention solutions and successfully managed to reduce defect rate by 70%.

Solutions in sustaining the quality of electromechanical components  (2016 )

An ICC team at Fujitsu Component (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd. was established to reduce reject rates. It was observed that the completed and semi completed relay parts were rejected when coil or lead wire surface appears to be broken, have scratches or dents. This eventually led to the relay functional failure. It came to surface that the monthly spoilage cost was RM2,970. They then came up with 6 outstanding solutions which aided the reduction of reject rate.

Modernising work processes in delivering education service at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM) (2016)

The lengthy time taken during the academic advisory session had led advisors to channel their working hours on advisory related issues rather than focusing on other equally essential tasks and duties namely  innovative researches, publications and teaching itself. A group of 10 members from the Centre for  Diploma Studies (PPD) of UTHM  had developed an IT system known as  UGPACs  (UTHM GPA Calculator  System) that befits the productivity for both students and advisors. This definitely  paved a pathway towards better time management and a convenient access.

Accessing local development plan through mobile apps (2016)

The mobile application to benefit the services offered by the Government was targeted to facilitate users from all levels. This application has not only succeeded in providing a user- friendly service but also promoting paperless service thus contributing to a more environmental friendly scenario. The Selangor Town and Country Planning Department came up with a mobile app solution to overcome all obstacles in retrieving documents of local development plan by the public.

Improving the process of receiving  remittance through  on-line financial system (2016)

The Sarawak State Treasury Department (JPNS) is one of the state departments in the Sarawak Government. Providing treasury services which are based on the timeliness, accurate information and urgency on customer feedback are among the main objectives of JPNS. The ICC project was mainly carried out to resolve the issue of delay in receiving remittance by the Treasury Department. e-Remittance was developed to resolve this problem and simultaneously led to high in productivity and efficiency.

i-REG system  (UTHM) for speeding up (2016) the new students’ registration process (2016)

The new student registration process which devours a lengthy time was identified as the most obtrusive barrier at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka  (UTeM). e-Reg system is the solution that was developed by UTeM for solving this problem.

Innovation in making Infineon better (2016)

In quest for excellence, Infineon (M) uses Innovation Creative Circle (ICC) to resolve specific production problems that hinders them from achieving the targeted Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). With the aims of improving production time and increasing output generation and test yield, Infineon implemented three solutions to overcome the problem of high set-up time during the capacitive testing process.

The seven key opportunities for cutting down waste using LEAN at Ford’s Halewood factory for Jaguar X400 production  (2015)

As one of the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers, Ford  Group has applied LEAN manufacturing process in producing Jaguar X400. LEAN is able to reduce wastages in seven areas at any vehicle factory that lead to cost minimisation and increase competitiveness of the  car manufacturers. Find more on the seven key opportunities that will eliminate wastes in production for quality sustainability and maximise efficiency.

Different ways in creating effective learning environment (2015)

LEAN execution is also possible to be implemented in the services sector.  It can reduce waiting times, lower costs and improve customer experience that ultimately create a more conducive working environment. Find out more on the impact of LEAN implementation to the education services providers.

LEAN approach to seize a golden opportunity of improvement for services sector (2015)

LEAN concepts are simple and yet can be challenging to be implemented. Many international companies in services sector have used LEAN to improve daily operation activities. Get to know more on the benefits gain by these well-known companies through LEAN.

Building a world class brand – the Science of transforming perception to reality (2013)

How do you take your business from here and move it to the next level of excellence? How do you take ideas, how do you focus a team, how do you get people to move together to something that is truly special? Find out more on the approach to transform your business dreams into reality.