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Business Excellence Programme The Business Excellence programme guides organisations of all sizes and from all sectors in achieving organisational performance. One of our key services is to undertake assessment, identify excellent companies as role models , share best management practices and help organizations achieve best in-class performance level. In collaboration with the Business Excellence community, we provide to organisations like yours; the criteria for Business Excellence, an integrated management framework with proven results; assessment tools to evaluate performance and improvement efforts; comprehensive feedback report highlighting organisational strengths and opportunities for improvement and; educational presentation, training, workshops and conferences on best management practices and how to apply the Business Excellence Criteria to improve and innovate. What is Business Excellence? Business Excellence refers to a comprehensive management practices standard developed to assist companies assess readiness and compliance to excellence practices in their quest to enhance business performance. This approach has been used by many international organisations to promote attainment of world-class practices which contributes to: delivery of ever-improving value to customers and stakeholders, contributing to organisational sustainability; improvement of overall organisational effectiveness and capabilities; and organisational and personal learning Benefits of Business Excellence Organisation adopting the Business Excellence Framework will be able to: Create visionary and inspirational leadership Achieve stronger financial performance Drive innovation in products and services Focus on customer service and satisfaction Create effective business planning processes; and Raise productivity and reduce operational costs Business Excellence Framework (BEF) The Business Excellence Framework (BEF) is about adopting a holistic approach to strengthen the management practices, systems and processes of an organisation towards achieving higher productivity, superior business performance and competitiveness. It is a non-prescriptive assessment framework based on internationally comparable and holistic models for managing enterprise excellence and innovation. The BEF has seven dimensions of excellence namely Leadership, Planning, Information, Customer, People, Process, and Results. The Criteria will guide your organization to plan, execute and measure areas related to the excellence dimensions.

Business Excellence Framework

Business Excellence Framework (Malaysia)

Why adopt BE Framework? 

  1. Get A Health Check · BEF to check the level health performance of organisation
  2. Improve Business Performance · Improve business performance i.e: Sales and productivity
  3. Be Recognised · Distinguish companies in the market place
  4. Learn From the Best · Participate in the Community of Innovation (CoI)

Participate in the Journey of Excellence Under the business excellence programme, there are various levels of performance excellence where organisations are assessed and certified. With the certification, organizations will be part of a network with a common interest on how to optimise the performance of their organizations and provided with opportunities to learn about best business practices that have been implemented in Malaysia and internationally. Organisations that attain commendable levels of performance on the framework are recognized with the business excellence certifications, and those that attain outstanding levels are recognised with the business excellence awards. The Malaysia Productivity and Innovation Class (MPIC), Quality Management Excellence Award (QMEA) and Prime Minister Industry Excellence Award (PMIEA) are key milestones of overall performance on the Business Excellence Framework.

The Business Excellence Journey