Over the past 25 years, MPC has been involved in promoting various activities and initiatives to enhance productivity in the country. Starting from promotional activities such as talks and workshops at schools, MPC has also provided advisory and consultancy services on productivity improvement. Building on that foundation, MPC developed training programmes on enhancing productivity and quality, grant awards and recognitions to organisations that had excelled, and conducted research projects related o productivity. 

Moving towards the early 2000s, MPC began to be involved in benchmarking and sharing of best practices. It then ventured into looking at competitiveness and innovation at the national level. MPC continues to provide an array of products and services to help organisations improve their productivity. Productivity-related information is disseminated to the public via our WayUp website.

In 2017, to further boost growth productivity, the Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB) was launched in May, that highlighted the need for productivity to be addressed holistically at all levels to ensure a systemic change across economy. Nine priority subsectors have been established; 5 on services, 3 on manufacturing and 1 on the agriculture sector. The introduction of Productivity Nexus for each subsector is intended for both the public and private-sector to collaborate closely towards enhancing productivity and competitiveness for the betterment of the rakyat. The Productivity Nexus is meant to catalyse productivity improvement while the Tourism Productivity Nexus is meant to reach out to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to help them achieve higher productivity.

As Delivery Management Office (DMO) for the Malaysia Productivity Blueprint (MPB), MPC is working closely with public-sector agencies, private-sector organisations and the academia to ensure that the MPB targets are achieved or exceeded in a sustainable manner. We are tasked with coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the country’s productivity strategies, to ensure that they lead to successful outcomes. MPC will work towards achieving synergies with both the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) and the sector Productivity Nexus to keep tabs on the roll-out of the productivity initiatives at the national, sectoral and enterprise levels.

Now, as we move through the midpoint of the 11MP, MPC continues to spearhead and monitor Malaysia’s competitiveness globally, specifically to review and modernise business regulations. In strengthening the initiative on Good Regulatory Practice (GRP), MPC will further streamline existing regulations, accelerate efforts towards addressing regulatory constraints and ensure an innovative policy development engagement mechanism which will embrace the disruptive technologies. A total of 32 projects under Modernising Business Licensing, Reducing Unnecessary Regulatory Burden and Cutting Red Tape Programs were completed during 2017. It was estimated that this resulted in potential compliance cos savings of RM1.2 billion.

MPC also encourages the uptake of the Malaysia Business Excellence Framework amongst enterprises, as well as facilitating collaboration between industry players and institutes of higher learning (IHLs), to ensure that the workforce of the future is equipped with the necessary industry-relevant skills.

As Chairman of MPC, I believe that by raising the Nation’s awareness on productivity, MPC will be able to make efficiency, effectiveness and productivity the catchwords amongst Malaysian workers. By recognising and showcasing productivity champions, MPC aims to help aspiring enterprises set realistic goals to reach, and provide them with case studies as examples on how to attain similar levels of productivity. Raising productivity increases our quality of life. Through achieving and improving skill sets and productivity, the real wages of workers can also be increased, benefitting their families. Let us come together and make it our mission to foster a mindset and work culture based on all round ever-improving productivity.


Tan Sri Azman Hashim


Malaysia Productivity Corporation

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Last Updated: 12 September 2018