Definitions of the Information Tool Box Project:

  1. The Agro-food Productivity Nexus, under the management of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), is a development initiative under the mandate of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Malaysia. This initiative focuses on the productivity development in building connectivity of the agrofood supply chain.
  2. Agro-food productivity include all the supply chain activities in production/cultivation and processing, and retailing of agrofood; including crops, poultry, livestock and fisheries.
  3. The objective of the Information Tool Box website is to:
    • Enable easy, free, fast and ubiquitous accessibility to the Malaysian agrofood information to increase the stakeholders competitiveness and productivity of their businesses
    • Empower the users who are all the stakeholders of the agrofood supply chain in Malaysia – the supply chain stakeholders are those involved in the activities even before the production (i.e. suppliers) right up to after retail (i.e. end users).
    • Include information, such as historic knowledge-based/records, current data/news, and future intelligence/predictions. Agrofood information includes the field of production, distribution, consumption, sustainability and environment
    • Act as a Tool Box that depicts the “technician at work where he has a sufficient collection of appropriate tools and manuals to perform his work quickly, effectively and profitably”
  4. The design should depict the definitions, functions and values of the Information Tool Box project

Information Tool Box Website Layout Design Competition flyer

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Last Updated: 2 Disember 2019