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Disruption of MPC Telephone lines

"Tuan/Puan adalah dinasihatkan untuk menghubungi telefon bimbit pegawai terbabit atau e-mel kepada marketing@mpc.gov.my buat sementara waktu. Segala kesulitan yang timbul amat dikesali"

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IBS Manual for Developer

Malaysia in the Global Competitiveness Report 2014/2015 (New!)

Regulatory Review Creative Content

Kenyataan Tawaran Sebut Harga Pelupusan Kenderaan Rasmi Jabatan (KEW.PA-24)

`Cakna Produktiviti` Essay Writing Competition, 3rd Quarter 2014

Clients Charter Performance for 2nd Quarter 2014

Malaysia in the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014 Booklet

MPC Just Lean Bulletin (Latest Vol. 4)

A Guide to Unnecessary Regulatory Burdens : Core Concepts

Competitiveness e-Bulletin

Quality Management Symposium 2014

Self-learning e-Course on Information Security Management System (ISO 27001)

Lean Study Mission to Korea, 27 October to 1 November 2014

National Team Excellence Convention 2014 - Guideline for Participating Teams

Lean Six Sigma and Performance Excellence Asia Summit 2014 (17-18 September 2014) and Lean Tour (19 September 2014)

Annual Productivity & Innovation Conference and Exposition (APIC) 2014

Asia Pacific Quality Conference 2014

Team Excellence Programmes 2014/2015

Productivity & Innovation Enhancement Training Programme 2014

MBEF Enhance Organisational Excellence - Berita Harian

Rising up the world rankings - New Straits Times

Need for Asean to Strenghten Regulatory Management : MPC (BERNAMA)

MPC: Reduce Unnecessary Regulations In O&G Sector To Boost Productivity : BERNAMA

Productivity & You : Building a Productive and Innovative Human Capital

5 programs to enhance nation`s productivity - Sinar Harian

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Are large corporation efficient by international standards?
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