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In today’s highly competitive environment, the speed of the change becomes the competitive factor in organizational strategy. In line with the change, the Team Excellence activities have emerged as one of the most effective means in encouraging industries to enhance their competitiveness. Team Excellence activity has now evolved as part of the Malaysian Best Practises and highly recognized for its effectiveness in solving problems at the workplace, thus contributing to innovation of products that would satisfy customers needs, improvement in existing products and services that would further delight customers, or reduce time and wastages to save cost and simplify work processes.

National Team Excellence Convention

National Team Excellence Convention features the best-selected circles among the Gold Award recipients in the Regional Team Excellence Conventions.It is an annual event where the Best Overall Team Excellence Award winner announced.The innovative and creative projects presented at the conventions are testament of the ability of the workforce in Malaysia in applying their creativity and innovativeness to enhance productivity and competitiveness.The National Team Excellence Convention serves as a platform in giving due recognition to all participating circles that have excelled in achieving value generation and cost savings for their respective organisations.

Objectives of the convention

  • To provide an opportunity for the participants to meet,share and exchange ideas on ICC best practices.
  • To learn from the “Best of the Best” Circle in achieving continuous breakthrough improvement.
  • To recognize achievements gained from Team Excellence activities
  • To inculcate the culture of knowledge sharing and life-long learning.

Annual Productivity & Innovation Conference & Exposition (APIC) 2016