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Under the above law and regulations, the industry is required to submit monitoring reports and SW inventory. Certainly, DOE cannot scrutinise every records, not to mention the amount of storage space required to keep the records.

The proposal: abolish these requirements. Let us keep the records in our premises. DOE, in their visits to the premises can examine the records to verify that the industry is fulfilling the requirements of the above regulations.

This is what DOSH is practising.


Yes, under the current law,  industries are required to submit their  monitoring reports and SW inventory.  This is a part of the extended producer responsibility of industries to prove that they are fulfilling the requirement of the law. So your proposal to abolish the submission of the records to the DOE cannot be considered for the time being.

In the near future we might introduce a new system for data submission on line as what we have implemented for the e-consignment note and the Notification And Registration of EHS on-line.


It would be very effective, if there is a common site where the latest updates on policies, procedures and legislations on dealing with the government agencies, made available in the net. Users will not have to shuttle from one website to another, from one ministry to another, from one agency to another and get all services at the ONE STOP agency.


Under the electronic government project, government has developed Public Service Portal (myGovernment – as a single gateway to all government agencies.

Through this portal, you can access a host of government websites and obtain information and services ranging from payments, complaints, applications for licenses among others.

As per your suggestion for a common site where the latest updates on policies, procedures and legislations made available in the net, I am pleased to inform that myGovernment is designed to cater for that.

As far as policies is concern, myGovernment Portal have centralized it to a specific site i.e. “information and policies”, under the “Quick Links” menu. These are centralized according to 14 specific areas as follows:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Consumer Affairs
  3. Culture & Arts
  4. Defence & Security
  5. Education
  6. Energy
  7. Finance and Economy
  8. Foreign Affairs
  9. Health
  10. Housing
  11. Information, Communication Technology and Media
  12. Manpower & Employment
  13. Science & Technology
  14. Trade

For example, useful information such as updates on Avian Influenza is readily available for the public’s notification.

In terms of legislation, the information is entralized within the main user groups of the Portal i.e. citizen, business, non citizen and government. That means, if users wanted to look at legislation related to citizens then they have to go to the citizen tab and click at the “Legal Matters” menu.

For procedures, what the Portal has done is to put the procedures according to the main user groups and the subcategories. For example, for procedures related to the issuance of passport, the users will find it in the Citizen tab, under the sub-categories of Travel and Transport, and within the subcategories, under Passport, Entry Pass and Visa.

Try to visit and we welcome your further comment/feedback. We will continuously exploring the possibilities of improving myGovernment Portal to enhance its features from time to time.


  • CCM imposes extremely heavy penalties of up to RM5,000 per year for failure of companies to filing their annual returns and accounts.
  • Many of these companies have failed in their business or are dormant. And unable to pay these penalties.
  • Suggestion – CCM should give a serious warning and a grace period of one-year to update companies information


  • Directors of incorporated companies must ensure that the requirements of the Companies Act 1965 are fully complied with including the requirement to lodge annual returns and accounts with the Registrar of Companies. The Act also has the requirement for every company to appoint a company secretary whose primary function is to advise and ensure that the directors of the company comply with the requirements of the Act.
  • The failure by many companies to lodge their annual returns and accounts with the Registrar in the past has severely caused the information on companies in the register kept by the Registrar to be out of date and put Malaysia pale in comparison with other jurisdictions like Singapore, Hongkong, Australia and United Kingdom where compliance rate there exceeds 90%.
  • The case of a company now not having lodged its annual returns and accounts with the Registrar for ten years or more is very rare.
  • Directors of such companies are advised to quickly comply with the requirements and if they received a notice of offer of compound, due consideration would be given for a reasonable reduction upon appeal with justifiable reasons.
  • However, if the company has been dormant or has not been in operation for a number of years, application can be made to the Registrar to have the name of the company struck off the register under section 308 of the Act and due consideration would be given if the application fulfill the guidelines issued by SSM.
  • A copy of the guidelines can be downloaded from SSM’s website at
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