Productivity Report 2015/2016

Malaysia’s future productivity growth is highly dependent on the capability of the workforce to innovate and apply advanced knowledge and technologies. The issue of human capital development through higher quality education is critical in achieving long-term sustainable growth and becoming a high income nation by 2020.

Productivity Report 2014/2015

While Malaysia’s economic diversity and strong fundamentals are helping to expedite the country’s transformation towards becoming a high income nation, the catalyst of Malaysia’s economic growth amidst global uncertainties is productivity. In 2014, the country’s labour productivity grew by 3.5% to RM61,708, making it a strong contributing factor to Malaysia’s higher GDP growth of 6%. This puts the country on track to achieving its goal of having an annual productivity growth rate of 3.7% by 2020

Productivity Report 2013/2014

Despite the uncertain global economic climate, Malaysia achieved GDP growth of 4.7% in 2013, driven by domestic demand growth of 7.6%. In tandem with this, the economy recorded labour productivity growth of 2.3% to a productivity level of RM60,437. The growth in Malaysia’s labour productivity can be attributed to the performance of key sectors of the economy, as well as technological progress, capital deepening and widening and the quality of labour.

Productivity Report 2012/2013

Malaysia has managed to maintain its dynamic growth amidst a fragile global environment, recording a GDP growth of 5.6% in 2012, which was driven largely by a double digit growth of 10.6% in domestic demand, and an investment growth of 19.9%. In tandem with this, the economy recorded a productivity growth of 2% to a productivity level of RM58, 874

Productivity Report 2011/2012

Malaysia’s economy continued to grow in 2011 with a GDP growth of 5.1% and employment growth of 0.6%. In tandem with this, the economy recorded a productivity growth of 4.6% to a productivity level of RM54,023. It is gratifying to note that Malaysia’s productivity had surpassed growth recorded by most OECD countries. Malaysia’s 4.6% productivity growth was ahead of Republic of Korea (2.1%), Finland (1.9%), USA (1.2%), UK (0.5%) and Japan (-0.2%).

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