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e-Productivity Gain Measurement (ePGM) System is a self-assessment online tool for companies in measuring productivity at firm’s level. The measurement  tools  available  in  the form of ePGM are part of our initiatives to promote  knowledge  management  whereby knowledge is available at any time and any location as long as network is available . Therefore, transfer of skills and knowledge is much easier and convenient . ePGM is a prelude to the full productivity computation . This ePGM assists organisations to understand productivity measurement and also provides efficiency information of the organisations.

This e-system requires the users to key in their data and once the users have keyed in all the required data , all users need to do is just to click on the analysis button . The productivity analysis can be viewed and displayed in a graphical illustration . This will assist users to observe their companies· productivity performance trend for a period of up to ten years. The system also allows the companies to  benchmark  their  performance  with  the  industry  average performance.

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View Step-by-step tutorial  on how to use ePGM.