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Innovative and creative group (ICC) is a formation of a group of worker who sit together to investigate, analyse, and find the way to solve the problems regarding their work using ICC tools and problem solving process. From the process of ICC, every single worker gets a change to contribute ideas and opinions to their group as well as their organisation. They also will get satisfaction in daily work and other benefits such as increasing their productivity and quality of work. ICC has been practiced in Malaysia for more than two decades and is now part of excellence workplace culture. An ICC activity implies the development of skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity of the people through cumulative process of education, training, work experience and participation which will sustain the motivation and commitment towards. The PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action) cycle is utilised in implementing any ICC projects which will ensure the project to be successfully completed. The problem identification can be properly explained by using the 5W 1H (What, When, Why, Who and Where, How) approach. Several ICC tools will be applied during the implementation of ICC projects and the new 7 QC tool and technique is the common ICC tool used by the ICC team.