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Sustainable economic growth is very much dependent on the ability to add value to all creative and innovative ideas generated by industry. MPIC is established to support the Government Transformation Programme by being a one stop centre for members to learn and share best practices in order to speed up improvement and innovation processes and eventually contribute to higher income economy.
Objectives of MPIC 
  1. To give recognition to organisations which have achieved standard of excellence based on the Business Excellence Framework (BEF).
  2. To facilitate intervention and nurturing of companies in their quest to become winners of the Anugerah Kecemerlangan Industri (AKI) or Industry Excellence Award and other global Excellence Award
  3. To strengthen member’s partnership through sharing of best practices.
  4. To improve business performance of MPIC’s members towards enhancing company’s competitiveness.

Benefits to MPIC Members
  1. Companies which achieve excellence performance will be invited to participate in the AKI and global Excellence Award.
  2. Given special preferences and discounted fees for all MPC activities.
  3. Practitioners of best practices in BE will be invited to be MPC resource person in developing potential companies to implement BE programme.
  4. Become a member of specific focus group to share experiences on any best practices that have been implemented.
  5. Beneficiaries and contributors to MPC publications that by itself provide a platform to promote the companies’ activities and achievements.