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1. What is PEMUDAH's scope of work?

To facilitate businesses in Malaysia by identifying improvements to existing Government processes and regulations, based on public feedback and global benchmarking reports

  • To oversee the implementation of identified improvements
  • To recommend business-related policy changes to the Cabinet, based on public feedback

2. How do I make a suggestion to PEMUDAH?

Please use the feedback form here.

3. When can I expect a response?

PEMUDAH will endeavour to respond to your queries/issues within 3 working days. More complex cases will require longer response times but a contact person will be assigned to you to keep you updated.

4. Where do I go to complaint or make suggestions about non-business related issues?

Please write to BPA here.

  • Call BPA at 03-8888 7777
  • Fax to BPA at 03-8888 7778

5. How does this Feedback system work?

Any feedback from the public are channeled directly to the relevant Ministries for their immediate action. You will be given a reference number and you can also search for the progress to your query on the PEMUDAH website under Search for Reply. For most enquiries, we aim to give you a response within 3 working days . However, should your suggestion or issue raised be more complex, related to policy matters or involving several Ministries, we hope you will appreciate that it may take longer but we will stay in touch with you.

6. While completing the Feedback Form, I'm unable to ascertain which Ministry to select regarding my inquiry/suggestion/complaint. What should I do?

We recommend that you select one that you think most relevant. Please do not worry as we have a system where we will review in-coming emails, assess and discuss internally what action needs to be taken and by whom.

7. After having made several approaches/complaints to a particular Government department with no success, I am lodging a report through the PEMUDAH website. Will my name and company details be kept confidential?

In order for us to be able to attend to and resolve a particular problem pertaining to business related delivery issues, we would need to share pertinent details of the case and company involved with the relevant Ministry

8. If I still have not heard from anyone after the 3 working days, what should I do?

Please send an email to

9. When will the biometric thumbprint facility for the expatriate I-Kad be available throughout the country?

The biometric thumbprint facility is currently available at the Immigration Department in Putrajaya and has been extended to the following state immigration offices beginning 15 December 2007 :

  • Kuala Lumpur;
  • Selangor;
  • Pulau Pinang;
  • Johor Bahru; and
  • Ipoh.

The Expatriate i-Kad will be delivered on the same day at the offices above. Expatriates residing in other states can register their thumbprints at their respective state immigration offices. Delivery of the card however, will not be made on the same day.

10. Are foreign spouses of Malaysians allowed to work in Malaysia?

Yes. Foreign spouses of Malaysians accorded the Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSP) with the validity of 5 years, can work in Malaysia without having to convert their LTSP to Employment Pass/ Visit Pass (Temporary Employment).

11. What is the criteria for foreign spouses of Malaysians to apply for Permanent Resident (PR) status?

Foreign spouses with LTSP can apply for PR status after 5 years. Detailed requirements on the Point System introduced for applicants to evaluate their eligibility for PR status are as per the link

12. Soalan lazim berkaitan Sistem e-Tanah

Sila klik pautan dibawah untuk muat turun soalan lazim berkaitan Sistem e-Tanah

Soalan Lazim Sistem e-Tanah

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