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1. Release of Customs documents based on Estimated Time of Arrival

From 1 July 2008, the release of documents based on ETA instead of Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) of the vessels is accepted in cases where inspection is not required. Clearance of cargo can also be done even on weekends and public holidays. The approval process, starting from pre-submission of documents to the release from Customs’ gates, will now take only one day compared with 3 days previously.

The implementation of this mechanism is subjected to the following conditions:

  • The Manifest is in order;
  • Declaration is in order;
  • No inspection is required;
  • Shipment meets all regulatory requirements including risk assessment; and
  • Payment of duty is made.

2. Deferred Payment of Duties

Beginning 1 July 2008, Royal Malaysian Customs facilitates deferred payment of duties to:

  • Petroleum Warehouses;
  • Public and private bond warehouses; and
  • Duty free shops.

Deferred payment of duties is allowed if:

  • Total amount of Bank Guarantee equals the amount of tax payable; and
  • Done through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).