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  • EPF has introduced payment kiosks at 12 of their office locations with 50,097 transactions recorded in 2015.
  • 15% of employers perform payment of monthly contribution via e-Caruman system.
  • HRDF has introduced E-Slip to abolish the manual printed form.
  • Movement of Free Zone Dutiable Goods for value added activities to All Free Zone Companies: Savings of a total of RM 150 million a year in compliance costs and 90% of the time that was previously expended; a new customs procedure was introduced to facilitate the movements for value added activities of goods and raw materials.
  • Obtaining the Permit for Radioactive Goods: AELB and DCA streamlined their processes to reduce the overall time taken for the approval of the permits by 50%.
  • Worked closely with the Ministry of Transport to reduce time and expenses for inland transportation to complement the Logistics and Trade Facilitation Masterplan 2015-2020 in enhancing inland transportation efficiency, improving last-mile connectivity at Port Klang and addressing bottlenecks at the Padang Besar Terminal.
  • A task force was formed in collaboration with the Office of Registrar of Lower Court of Malaya to prepare a draft Practice Direction on payment of deposits upon any application for enforcement of judgements.