Professional Services Productivity Nexus (PSPN) of MPC is welcoming registrations for Professional Services Virtual Advisory Clinic (ProVAC) in helping out small and medium professional services providers to re-strategize their businesses in surviving post COVID-19 traumas. This program is complimentary to all and limited to ONLY 50 professional services providers.

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Our focus for this advisory and consultancy services are on the three (3) following areas which aims at assisting the professional services industry players to recalibrate the industry for a stronger comeback:

  • Financial Consultation

  • Advisory on challenges and issues faced by professional services industry players in relation to finance and capital including securing assistance from banks, Government ministries and agencies during this COVID-19 outbreak to sustain and continue running the business at minimal cost.

  • Innovation Business Operation

  • Advisory on key elements in innovation business operations and redesigning of business model to fit in current situation and towards flexible downside or expansion; such as value propositions, business activities toward wealth sharing model, agile human resource and staffing, new business partnership & collaboration, quality control, and standards compliance.

  • Intelligence Services Solutions

  • Advisory on the major aspects on intelligent professional services setup, and businesses may contribute in strengthening the professional services industry in Malaysia. Areas covered may include adaption of digitalisation, industry 4.0, data analytics and supply chain in professional services ecosystem.


    The COVID-19 outbreak has proven to be strain on the global economy, and businesses are growing increasingly concerned about surviving this extremely challenging times. The Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented nationwide for starting on March 16, 2020 following every additional two-week period with conditional MCO to curb the COVID-19 outbreak. The situation has led to the total lockdown to non-essential business activities which also include activities in professional services industry.

    Although Malaysia government has announced several stimulus packages to industry players for the next 6 months, but still the implementation of MCO has given significant psychological impacts to – industry players. Some of them are struggling with cashflow difficulties, – retaining workers, delay of product delivery, low project enquiries, and many more. Even though the MCO has been lifted, business activities are taking more time to return to normal, where social distancing is expected to be practiced for at least six months after the MCO period.

    Moving forward, PSPN secretariat would like to explore on the potential of conducting Visual Advisory Clinics for Professional Services by the name of ProVAC.

    The setup of ProVAC is to provide in-depth advisory and consultation online “clinic” which will be performed by selected professional services industry experts and specialists as advisors. ProVAC focuses on financial consultation, innovation business operation and intelligence services solutions, which aims at assisting the professional services providers to recalibrate their operations for a stronger comeback once the impacts of COVID-19 is contained.


    To provide in-depth understanding on professional services consultation areas; To diagnose company “pain points” and recommend implementable solutions in addressing business challenges and barriers for company’s growth and expansion; and To support professional services industry capacity and capability to rebuild their businesses due to the adverse impacts of COVID-19.