Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) reinforces the initiatives to strengthen Malaysia’s talent development and education attainment performance towards building a ready future workforce. The focus is to boost productivity growth and meet the current and future market demands, especially from the high impact industries through short-and long-term projects.

The initiatives in talent development and educational attainment align with the Twelfth Malaysia Plan (12thMP). As talent and skilled workforce remain the essential element in national productivity growth and competitiveness to boost economic recovery, the education sector continues to be prioritised in Malaysia’s national development plan.


The Academy in Factory design as regulatory experimentation to address shortage of workers issues and improve education attainment performance.


To facilitate industries expansion and growth through quality policies that ensure consistency, certainty and predictability. At the same times it will improve Malaysian skill sets through adapt, adopt new technologies which change every three to six months.


Coordination and engagement is done through collaborative innovation between potential industries and Ministry of Education.


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