After much consideration on the feedback from our customers, MPC decided to take a bold move to venture into LEAN, something which has already been practised in many large scale organisations, but still lacking in implementation within both the private and public sectors.

LEAN refers to a collection of principles and methods that focuses on identifying and eliminating non-value added activities through continuous improvement of products for the benefit of customers and in the pursuit of perfection.

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) has introduced the MPC’s LEAN Roadmap. It is a systematic approach to promote LEAN management that complements the existing quality and productivity initiatives, thus integrating all efforts in promoting process efficiency towards increasing the competitiveness of the nation.

The LEAN thinking is the backdrop of the roadmap. It is driven by kaizen activities, which are embedded in the LEAN thinking. The LEAN thinking can be adapted as an organisation culture in the quest for organisational excellence.